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Angels of Maranatha is a lay apostolate dedicated to Holy Love Ministries to promote the messages of Holy Love given to visionary, Maureen Kyle, and also to promote the Rosary of the Unborn.


Angels of Maranatha is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.




Welcome to Maranatha Spring and Shrine!


Enjoy this 14-minute virtual tour of the Spring and Shrine located in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

Then, consider joining us there during our upcoming pilgrimage!

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Join us on Pilgrimage!  LEARN MORE AND REGISTER >


Wayne Weible spoke at the Chapel of the United Hearts at

Maranatha Spring and Shrine on The Feast of the United Hearts, Sunday, June 5, 2016.


Listen to Wayne Weible speak about his new book: "Intimate Messages from Heaven -

The Story of Holy Love Ministries"





Miraculous image of Blessed Mother in photo taken at the

Lake of Tears by a pilgrim attending Divine Mercy Services.

The Rosary of the Unborn

The Rosary of the Unborn is a sign of hope for the world:  that with heaven's assistance, abortion will end and we will no longer offend God with this horrible sin.

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To Our Lady's Remnant Faithful,


Our Lady is inviting you to join Her to celebrate the feast of the United Hearts on Saturday, June 24th for the midnight prayer service and to be present for the apparition on Sunday, June 25th of Blessed Mother to visionary, Maureen Kyle.


Therefore, we are inviting you to join us in accepting

this invitation from Our Lady on this special grace filled pilgrimage to unite with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Our pilgrimage will depart on Saturday, June 24th and return on Monday, June 26th.


The deadline for this pilgrimage is June 15th. We kindly  ask that you please not respond to this invitation at the last minute. We have two buses reserved for this pilgrimage.  It’s more advantageous to know ahead of time where our numbers are in the event we need to increase or release a bus to accommodate our pilgrims.


If you are unable to join us send your guardian angel to the shrine to proxy for your presence.


Registration Deadline is June 15, 2017

"My Son uses the ordinary, the mundane to bring about the miraculous. Regard His actions at the Last Supper when He transformed bread and wine into His Body and Blood. This same miracle happens at every Mass. The ordinary water at Maranatha Spring and in the lakes here have changed many hearts and healed many of physical

presence on this property has transformed an ordinary soybean farm into a sacred refuge — a sanctuary of peace. Yet, so many do not accept the miraculous — much to their disadvantage."


April 8, 2017 - Blessed Virgin Mary





An Ecumenical Ministry and Shrine
The two great commandments of Love, the fulfillment of the gospel message, and the embodiment of the Ten Commandments.


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